Presidency Promises
As president I promise that snapchat filters will work better on cats.
As president my first action will be to bring back AIM because I'm a cat.
Mandatory naps.
Arby’s Buffet
All flying Pokemon to be renamed to “delivious”
The red dot will finally be caught!
Cheeseburger Helper
Hamburger Helper is ok but as a cat I must promote Cheeseburger Helper. As president I promise Cheeseburger Helper for all!

Even though I'm a cat and don't know what a holiday is, I, unlike other candidates, support the use of "Happy Holidays" because my humans celebrate a winter holiday called Holidays and I support their rights to do so. Check it out here. Don't let other presidential candidates tell you can't say Happy Holidays. Other Holidays I support becoming National Holidays are National Cat Day, #Pokemon20 and National Napping Day. #Pokemon20 will emphasize more on the cat Pokemon though. As an internet cat I do believe that National Grilled Cheese Day will become National Cheeseburger Day. I must confess though that I am totally against National Sunglasses Day.

Loud Noises
As president I promise you that drains will make less spooky sounds! Also panic alarms and similar sounds will be illegal under my presidency. My stance on frightening noises will extend to sports teams too, for example Oklahoma City Thunder will need to be named after something less scary. I also believe that people need to be mindful of their pets during fireworks, as we just think they’re scary explosions.

Jobs & the Economy
To save jobs I promise as President to have a cat food factory built in every major city, your vote equals delicious treats for me. This jobs program will make the economy sing like an alley cat at night!

My Cabinet
VP-Jake from Sate Farm
Secretary of State-Kylo Ren

Free Pizza
If I'm elected every pizza delivery will have a free pizza

Cupcakes with Sprinkles
I approve of them

National Anthem
Elected president and shake it off will become our national anthem

Starbucks Cups
I'm against the new Starbucks cups too. They're the same color as that dot I can never catch.

When I'm president everyone will be happy and put sprinkles on everything.

Friday Night Cartoon Posts
I once enjoyed posting pictures of me as a cartoon every Friday night. Vote for me and you can be a cartoon every Friday night too